Crochet pattern Riley


The movie Inside Out takes place in the head of Riley. So I had to make her! 😉

Riley will be about 24 cm tall.

I’ve completed all main characters of Inside Out, so I think I can close this theme.
This means I’m ready for a new theme!
Unfortunately school starts tomorrow for me, which means I have a bit less time for crocheting. But I will do my best! 🙂

Pattern is available in:

Translations: Iratxe Ocariz (ES), Jasmin Dyga (DE), Jette Klemmensen (DK)

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  • Materials
  • Crochet needle (2,5 mm)
  • Skin color yarn (for instance Katia Capri – 154)
  • Medium blue yarn (for instance Lana Grossa Cotone – 11)
  • Dark blue yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Outremer 40)
  • Green yarn (for instance Katia Capri – 149)
  • Yellow yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Citron 63)
  • Red yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Cerise 50)
  • Orange yarn (for instance Lana Grossa Cotone – 40)
  • Purple yarn (for instance Lana Grossa Cotone – 50)
  • Dark pink yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Oeillet 34)
  • Light pink yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Petunia 68)
  • Light brown yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Chanvre 22)
  • Cream color yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Ecru 32)
  • Medium pink yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Berlingot 76)
  • Fiber fill
  • Iron wire
  • White, blue and black felt
  • US Abbreviations
  • RND = round
  • sc = single crochet
  • = slipstitch
  • ch = chain
  • tch = turning chain
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dec = decrease
  1. mieke.xx (verified owner)

    Super leuk ontwerp en wat goed uitgelegd. Je hoeft de film niet te kennen, want dit ontwerp kan ook als gewone pop gebruikt worden. Ik ga ook eens kijken of ik andere kleding kan maken, dan is het leuk om met de pop te spelen 🙂 mijn volgende project wordt het gratis ontwerp van ijoor!

  2. Jozsefne Horvath-Varga (verified owner)

    Alles gut.

  3. Kelsie (verified owner)

    So cute!

  4. Denise Smith (verified owner)


  5. tasia perrin (verified owner)


  6. XOCHITL VILLARREAL (verified owner)


  7. Jennie van Noordt (verified owner)

    Heel leuk

  8. Donna (verified owner)

    Just started making Riley, easy pattern to follow.

  9. Denise Smith (verified owner)

    I like the instructions. Very easy to follow.

  10. Marjolein (verified owner)

    Love riley, she on the top of my list to make. Pattern looks great

  11. Martine Knaepen (verified owner)

    Één tof modelleke, waarmee men alle kanten mee opkanfijn om er een sleutelhanger van te maken.

  12. Chelsea (verified owner)


  13. Rachael (verified owner)


  14. Jin L. (verified owner)

    The design is creative,I love it,Thanks a lot.

  15. Tara (verified owner)


  16. Saberhawk Steward (verified owner)

    Cant wait to make the whole set

  17. Susana Fuenzalida (verified owner)


  18. LORENA (verified owner)

    gracias por compartir, hermoso patron

  19. Donelle Stephenson (verified owner)

    Love the inside out range! Going to be fun to create!

  20. Vianney P. (verified owner)


  21. Julia (verified owner)


  22. Sabine (verified owner)

    Can be done in sooooo many different styles…

  23. jaimie s. (verified owner)

    going to make this for daughter

  24. Daniëlle (verified owner)

    Nog niet aan begonnen, maar zeker nog van plan!

  25. claudia jacopucci (verified owner)


  26. Cristina Campos (verified owner)


  27. Lynn D. (verified owner)

    Love this!!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Lynn D.
  28. Cynteria S. (verified owner)

    Awesome Pattern

  29. Jean (verified owner)

    patterns are great !!

  30. Liz N. (verified owner)


  31. Heather O. (verified owner)

    Awesome pattern. Easy to follow

  32. Chantal Cyr (verified owner)

    Love all the patterns in this collection!

  33. Pamela Hall (verified owner)

    My granddaughter loves this so I’m going to make one to give to her. Thank you for this pattern.

  34. Glynis (verified owner)

    Love this pattern.

  35. Anoniem (verified owner)


  36. dee erl (verified owner)

    Very cute and fun

  37. Sharon Plessier (verified owner)

    Great pattern!

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    love these patterns

  39. yvonne (verified owner)

    havent made it yet

  40. KRISTINE LOPEZ (verified owner)

    Well written

  41. Marthe B. (verified owner)

    I haven’t made it yet.

  42. Jelke S. (verified owner)

    Makkelijk te volgen patroon

  43. Annie (verified owner)

    Leuk voor kinderen!

  44. Donna H. (verified owner)

    Easy read and works up quick

  45. Angela Fumiko Kamimura (verified owner)

    muito lindo e bem explicado

  46. Katia (verified owner)

    Very clear and easy explanation. Lots of details.Well done photos

  47. Karina D. (verified owner)

    Me encantaron todos los patrones.

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    love doll patterns, easy to read and follow inst. thank you

  49. Belinda Mazik (verified owner)

    Great pattern

  50. Maria (verified owner)

    Beautiful! I loved

  51. Nathalie Briatore (verified owner)

    Très simple a réalisé merci

  52. Tonya S. (verified owner)


  53. Rinna Cochon (verified owner)

    Thank you for the beautiful pattern.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Rinna Cochon
    Image #2 from Rinna Cochon
  54. gina leonard (verified owner)

    great pattern

  55. Christy Allen (verified owner)

    Well written pattern

  56. Christinna Bundgaard (verified owner)


  57. Tina (verified owner)

    Love it

  58. Glynis Watkins (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this pattern. Thank you

  59. Monika Claassen (verified owner)

    So cute and i didn’t struggle at all

  60. R G (verified owner)

    All your pattern are amazing!

  61. Suni (verified owner)

    Haven’t made it yet but am looking forward to it

  62. Tina Bothwell (verified owner)

    Love it

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