Crochet pattern Duckies


When I saw these cute little duckies, I was immediately sold.
I had to make all of them and didn’t want to publish before I finished them all.

The duckies are less well known than the other Sanrio characters I’ve made so far. That’s why I couldn’t find many pictures of them.
The duckies are good friends with Chococat and follow him wherever he goes.
The duckies would actually be a lot smaller than Chococat, but I like them better when they are bigger.

The amigurumi are about 12 cm high.

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Pattern is available in:

Translations: Iratxe Ocariz (ES), Jasmin Dyga (DE), Kim Ackermann (FR), Anja Hjorth (DK), Marcela Domeneguetti (PT), Calina Grando (PT-BR), Eva Schröder (SE)

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  • Materials
  • Crochet needle (2,5 mm)
  • Orange yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Vitamine 06)
  • Yellow yarn (for instance SMC Catania – 100)
  • Green yarn (for instance Katia Capri – 153)
  • Brown yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Ebene 47)
  • Blue yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Faience 39)
  • Fiber fill
  • Black and white felt
  • US Abbreviations
  • RND = round
  • sc = single crochet
  • = slipstitch
  • ch = chain
  • tch = turning chain
  • dec = decrease

Keep sending your pictures to! 
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Yarn color

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  1. marenka (verified owner)


  2. Denise Smith (verified owner)


  3. Gerda (verified owner)

    They are sooooooooo cute.
    Had no time to make one yet, but I surely will make it!

  4. Kalina Kalinova (verified owner)

    Cute and funny!

  5. Marion Dijksma (verified owner)

    Goed beschreven. Iets aangepast om er ‘eend van Max Velthuis’ van te maken. Fijn dat t gratis was. Dank je wel.

  6. Anoniem (verified owner)

    Zo schattig

  7. CARINE S. (verified owner)

    Bien expliqué Super

  8. José Siegersma (verified owner)

    Zeer leuk patroon en goed te volgen. Zelfs voor de beginnende haakster. Dat geld voor al haar patronen. Ze zijn super! 😊👌🏻🧶🧵🧸

  9. tasia perrin (verified owner)


  10. Linda Madsen (verified owner)


  11. wendy (verified owner)


  12. Jennie van Noordt (verified owner)

    Heel leuk

  13. Evy Lieben (verified owner)

    Fijn patroon.

  14. Stéphanie (verified owner)

    Les enfants adorent

  15. Anonym (verified owner)

    Sehr verständlich, hat auch alles super geklappt.

  16. Gaby Degrande (verified owner)

    moet deze nog maken

  17. Lone christiansen (verified owner)

    sød lille and

  18. Martine Knaepen (verified owner)


  19. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Ontzettend duidelijk patroon en zo’n lief eendje!! Dankjewel!

    Image #1 from Jennifer
    Image #2 from Jennifer
  20. Natalia C. (verified owner)

    Great pattern, easy and well explained

  21. Liana D. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous graphic. I haven’t made it yet because I’m a beginner.

  22. Nathalie Briatore (verified owner)

    Superbe facile bien

  23. Felipe Eires (verified owner)

    M a r a v i l h o s o

  24. kathie (verified owner)

    have not tried him yet but plan to

  25. Deesie de Moor (verified owner)


  26. Nicky Chuen (verified owner)

    I love all of Sabrina’s creations. They are absolutely adorable, and most importantly, so easy to follow the patterns. Highly recommended for those who are young at heart and love crocheting. Thank you Sabrina 🌷

  27. Daniëlle (verified owner)

    Nog niet aan begonnen, maar zeker nog van plan!

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Still have to crochet them, so I can’t say what I feel about the written pattern.

  29. Anke Lemke (verified owner)

    Alles io. Danke sehr Tolles Muster.

  30. severine ivanes (verified owner)

    Très bien

  31. Nadine

    Didn’t came around to work on it.

  32. Liz N. (verified owner)

    so easy to do

  33. Lilian Steenhuisen-v.Rensch (verified owner)


  34. Pamela Hall (verified owner)

    Love pattern, behind due to holidays

  35. Anoniem (verified owner)


  36. dee erl (verified owner)

    It is a beautiful pattern, very fun

  37. Hanneke (verified owner)

    Ook weer we kleine kleuraanpassing ivm gebruik restjes! Prima uitgewerkt patroon.

    Image #1 from Hanneke
  38. Jennie van Noordt (verified owner)

    Ziet er erg leuk uit, maar wegens ziekte nog geen tijd om te haken.

  39. DonnaJo (verified owner)

    too cute

  40. Deborah (verified owner)

    Lovely duck toy, easy to follow instructions x

    Image #1 from Deborah
  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    so cute thank you

  42. Hong C. (verified owner)


  43. G Smit (verified owner)

    Ga t nog maken, maar ziet er uitnodigend uit!

  44. Michelle McCloud (verified owner)

    Awesome and cute pattern

  45. Jelke S. (verified owner)

    Mooi patroon

  46. Annie (verified owner)

    Mooie patroontjes!

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great pattern

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice pattern

  49. Suzanne B. (verified owner)

    mignon et patron bien expliqué

  50. gina leonard (verified owner)

    love these

  51. Christy Allen (verified owner)

    Perfect baby gift

  52. Christinna Bundgaard (verified owner)


  53. Jeroen (verified owner)

    Heel schattig en niet moeilijk om te maken

  54. Rhonda I. (verified owner)


  55. Eline (verified owner)

    Nice, good looking and easy to follow pattern.

  56. Anoniem (verified owner)

    Ze zijn erg leuk alleen nog te moeilijk voor mij

  57. Mirjam (verified owner)

    Leuk en duidelijk patroon

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Made for my boy!!

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