Crochet pattern Bunny


Finally I finished the Bunny!

It was really fun to make. For the tail I tried a new technique that I saw in a book. I brushed it with a cat brush to make it fluffy. My cats don’t like it when I brush them, but the bunnies loved it :p

The plush will be about 13 cm tall.

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Pattern is available in:

Translations: Iratxe Ocariz (ES), Jamin Dyga (DE), Jette Klemmensen (DK), Calina Grando (PT-BR)

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  • Materials
  • Crochet needle (2,5 mm)
  • White yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – Blanc 10)
  • Light pink yarn (for instance Phildar Phil Coton 3 – 1 Rosee)
  • Pink yarn (for instance Durable Coral – 232)
  • Fiber fill
  • Blue, black, white and pink felt
  • US Abbreviations
  • RND = round
  • sc = single crochet
  • = slipstitch
  • ch = chain
  • tch = turning chain
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dec = decrease 

Keep sending your pictures to! 
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  1. Jozsefne Horvath-Varga (verified owner)

    Alles gut.

  2. Tea (verified owner)

    Very cute pattern, this is actually my next project.

  3. Andrea Lavery (verified owner)

    Easy to follow instructions

  4. tasia perrin (verified owner)


  5. Catherine L. (verified owner)

    très mignon,

  6. Juliana Araujo (verified owner)

    So cute💖

  7. Kasprzak Céline (verified owner)

    Thanks it is a nice amigurimi and easy

  8. Ericha P. (verified owner)

    Almost ready for Easter!

  9. Kiku (verified owner)

    Precious patterns. Ideal for Easter

  10. Bailey K. (verified owner)

    Cute pattern! Very easy pattern to follow!

  11. Liana D. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous graphic. I haven’t made it yet because I’m a beginner.

  12. WILLIAM JUNIOR QUISPE MEZA (verified owner)

    el conejito esta muy bonito

  13. claudia jacopucci (verified owner)


  14. Sindy (verified owner)


  15. Heather Cornett (verified owner)

    Thank u so much for sharing

  16. Nadine

    Didn’t came around to work on it.

  17. Lilian Steenhuisen-v.Rensch (verified owner)


  18. Pamela Hall (verified owner)

    Falling slow with my crochet due to holidays. I love the pattern can’t wait to make. Thank you

  19. dee erl (verified owner)

    It is a beautiful pattern, very fun

  20. Jennie van Noordt (verified owner)

    Ziet er erg leuk uit, maar wegens ziekte nog geen tijd om te haken.

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    another on my to do list thank you

  22. Christy Allen (verified owner)

    Well written pattern

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Didn’t try this one yet

  24. Eline (verified owner)

    Nice, good looking and easy to follow pattern.

  25. Sierra B. (verified owner)


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